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We're always on the lookout for additional space, so if you've got space that needs to be temporarily let prior to redevelopment in order to earn a bit of rent whilst saving on empty rates and security costs, then we are here to help.

Leases outside of the Landlord tenant act seem to be the easiest and preferred option of most of the property owners we've worked with. Typically with some sort of rolling break clause for their flexibility. We're happy to share the numerous legal agreements different owners have asked us to sign- these have been produced by their expert law firms (each law firm obviously feels the need to make a few tweaks to whatever the previous major property company's law firm signed off on, the cynic in me think they're justifying their fees).

We're not worried about the size of the business rates liability you want us to take on, so whether its £5,000 or £500,000 rates liability, we can cope, its what we do!