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We never say no to talent

We'll never stop looking for talented individuals to better us.

Who you’d be:

  • Someone with the ability to work with major startup players in solving problems as well as taking care of the ‘day to day’ tasks of managing a set of co-working spaces.
  • Someone with the desire to learn a vast number of unrelated skills. We build things, this includes companies but also tangible things like tables, doors, sheds etc.
  • An entrepreneur at heart. You’re likely to want to start your own business at some point and we want to help with that.
  • A passion for startups and the London startup community.
  • A people person.
  • Creative.
  • Self motivated- we don’t have the time to be asking you to do things.
  • Someone that’s not afraid to get your hands dirty. Literally.
  • A problem solver- a logical mind is a must.