Our Buildings


What we offer

Real space for real startups.

We've taken on a new space in Spitalfields which brings our building count to 3.

We do private offices for £255 per person p/m, and coworking for £185 p/m for teams of 2 to 40+ people. We're not glamorous like the major players. Rightly or wrongly, we're focusing more on affordability, mainly as we're bootstrapping, but frankly, their model is impossible for us to copy even if we wanted to. Plus, having looked at where Google & Apple started, we're not that sure that our cheap, basic style will have anything to do with holding you back...

We DO bring real startups together. Not corporates looking to tap into the startup community.

  • 100Mb symmetrical wifi
  • Free use of meeting rooms
  • Postal lockers
  • Showers
  • 24/7 access
  • Monthly rolling contract
  • Startup community <600+
  • Free coffee
  • No additional hidden costs
  • No bullshit

Meet the Team




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We haven't taken on investment, none at all. We've bootstrapped since day one and we think that makes us solid. We understand value and what is genuinely achievable. So we're not like WeWork or Second Home and don't expect us to be like them. We don't have buckets of cash to splash and we're not shiny, new or anything like them. Actually, we're quite proud of it. We base what we do on super lean growth- our focus and our heart has always been to remain as affordable as possible in order to help startups. We promise you'll never see a 'Thank God it's Monday' mural either...










It's key

Honesty is key- "yes there are moments in our history when we've been a couple of weeks late paying our rent, but we've always been able to bring it up to date rapidly. I'm proud of our history, it's real, honest and after all, we are growing, therefore have had to take the growing pains and learning lessons in our stride along the way. If you've started and run a company, you'll understand and we'll be able to share some stories."

Ben Davies- Founder